Dixie State University

HPC Hours of Operation

Spring Semester Hours

January 10th-May 7th, 2022

Day Building Hours Swimming Pool Mac Court Indoor B-Ball Courts Roof Courts (B-Ball, Pickleball) Fitness Center (Main Level) Fitness Center (Level 2) Cardio Areas (Level 2 & 3) Climbing Wall Multi-purpose Room Spin Area Indoor/Outdoor Track & Will Hill
Monday & Wednesday 6am-11pm 6-7am & 8:30am-1pm & 4-10pm 6am-1pm & 3-11pm 6am–11pm 6am-9am & 11am-1pm & 3-11pm 6am–11pm 6am-8am & 10am-11am & 3-11pm 6am–11pm 3pm–10pm 1-5pm & 9-11pm 6-7am & 8am-7pm 8-11pm 6am-11pm
Tuesday & Thursday 6am-11pm 6am-1pm & 4-10pm 6am-7am & 10am-11pm 6am-10am & 1:30pm-11pm 6am-11pm 6am–11pm 6am-8am & Noon-1pm & 3-11pm 6am–11pm 6am-9am & 3-10pm 1-5pm & 9-11pm 6am-12pm & 3-5pm & 8-11pm 6am-11pm
Friday 6am-10pm 8:30am-2pm & 4-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm 6am-10pm
Saturday 8am-8pm 9:30am-8pm 8am-8pm 8am-8pm 8am-8pm 8am-8pm 8am-8pm 8am-8pm 8am-8pm 4-8pm 8am-8pm 8am–8pm

Hours are subject to change without notice.

Holiday Hour’s:

Martin Luther King Jr Day: 6am-11pm
President’s Day: 6am-11pm
Spring Break: March 14th-March 18th: 6am-6pm and March 19th 8am-6pm.

Special Events

Hours of operation for the Building, Aquatic Center, Climbing Wall, Indoor Courts, and roof can change for academics, campus recreation programming, holidays and special events that happen in the building.

Any spaces that are not being used for academic classes can be used for student recreation, campus recreation, and other activities. Swimming pool may be used for multiple activities and scheduled at the same time. Athletic swim practices will also be held in the swimming pool.


Media Request:

Members of the media seeking more information about the Human Performance Center or looking to book an interview about the building may contact Jyl Hall, DSU director of public relations, at 435-652-7547 or jylhall@dixie.edu.

Student Employment

Meet Our Team

HPC Front Desk

Phone: 435-879-4740

HPC Lifeguard Office

Phone: 435-879-4856

HPC Climbing Wall

Phone: 435-879-4857