Dixie State University

HPC Climbing Wall Individual Participant Waiver and Release Agreement

HPC Climbing Wall Individual Participant Waiver and Release Agreement

The undersigned in consideration for the right to utilize the DSU HPC Climbing Wall hereby agree to this waiver and release.

I recognize that the Activity may have a risk of personal injury and/or damage to my property. This includes:

  1. Risks involved in physical activity. These activities may include walking, running, climbing, repetitive lifting, and other strenuous activity. Physical activity may also include the risk of injury such as slips, falls, cuts, scrapes, lacerations, burns, sprains, tears, concussion, fractures of bones, bleeding, bruising, hemorrhage, infection and discount such pain, nausea, dizziness, or other illness or sickness.
  2. Risks involved in climbing and bouldering. These include but are not limited to falls from height and attendant impact with the floor or other surfaces, which may include the possibility of death, serious neck or spinal injury, complete or partial paralysis, and brain damage.
  3. Risk of equipment failure. Equipment used to malfunction, break, or fail , despite reasonable care, maintenance and use.
  4. I hereby freely assume risks which may be associated with or result from the participating in Climbing Wall activities. It also includes & not limited to: travel to and from, instruction, participation, and competition.

    I further agree to release the State of Utah, Dixie State University, their officers, employees, agents, contractors, and volunteers (releasees) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, loss, claim, damage, injury, illness, or harm (Claims) to me of any kind or nature arising out of participation in the Activity including where claims occur due to the negligence of releases.This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Utah and any dispute arising out of the Activity or Agreement shall have venue in the courts of Washington County, Utah

    Climbing and/or bouldering wall at DSU Human Performance Center

Time *


Consent is expressively given, in the event of injury, for emergency aid, anesthesia, and/or operation, if in the opinion of DSU Personnel or Responding Medical Professionals.

I am 18 years or older, have carefully read and understand the contents of the foregoing waiver and release, and I specifically intend it to cover my participation in the Climbing Wall Activities.